Living Consistently

…Living Consistently…

Ref. Scripture: Exodus 9:34

Most people do not remember God until they are in trouble, and that is the reason their life is never trouble-free. God wants to remain in continuous fellowship with man, and if He sees that the only thing that brings you to Him is trouble, He’d allow you to be troubled from time to time so you can always come to His throne.

Every time God unleashed a plague on Egypt, Pharaoh always sought for God, but the moment God took away the plague, he was right back at the very beginning. The Scripture says…”But when Pharaoh saw that the rain and hail and thunder had stopped, he kept right on sinning, stubborn as ever…”The Message. This attitude ultimately destroyed him.

»|The path of the Kingdom is not zigzag, it is a straight path|«

Many of us are like Pharaoh. Whenever there is a challenge, we run to God, and the moment He solves it, we run away from Him. That is not the kind of life God desires you to live; God wants to see you live the Kingdom life consistently. You can’t be on and off and expect His Blessings to be constant in your life.

Consistency is a shield. When His Secret Place in your permanent residence, any evil that comes looking for you will turn back at the gate. But when you are a visitor to His Throne, you are vulnerable. You are prone to all manner of attacks from the devil and his cohorts.

Living for God may cost you, but it always pays more. Live the life that is permanently surrendered to the Will of the Father, and be committed to pleasing Him everyday as His Spirit engraces you. One thing is sure, God will always “be for” those who live for Him.

May God grant you understanding.

Thought For The Day: Those who serve God anyhow end up with nothing.

Work Point: Are you a On and Off Believer? Ask the Spirit to Help you from today to be permanently “On” for God!

God Bless You.


Obeying Divine Instructions

…Obeying Divine Instructions…

Ref. Scripture: Exodus 9:18-21

Whenever God wants to protect man from an impending destruction, what He usually does is to release an instruction. Man’s obedience to that instruction is what will rescue him from that destruction. Sadly, many of us are too familiar with God that we disregard some of the instructions He gives us, and when the destruction dawns as a result, we blame Him for allowing it happen.

I found it very surprising when I saw that God even fore-warned Pharaoh and his servants before he sent hail from Heaven to destroy their livestock and crops. He said…”Therefore send now and gather your livestock and all that you have in the field…” vs. 19

God was far too merciful to him. He made provision for his escape from the plague, but Pharaoh was too proud to submit to that divine instruction. His servants who were wise moved in obedience and their livestock was preserved, but those who wouldn’t heed suffered a great loss.

»|Every pain man suffers is traceable to the neglect of an instruction.|«

Pain is never an instructor, it is a consequence. In my own life, whenever something that shouldn’t happen happens, the first thing I do is to hit my “rewind” button to see where I got it wrong. Almost always, I saw that it happened because I didn’t obey a voice at a time. The day the screen of my tablet got broken, I had gotten a nudge to take it away from where I put it, but I didn’t listen. Minutes later, someone who didn’t know it was there, sat on it, and the screen was gone!!

I like you to do two things today. If there is a pain in your life that has remained, reflect backwards…what disobedience brought the pain? If it is correctable, do the right thing. If not, plead for mercy. Secondly, commit yourself from today, never to neglect any instruction God gives you, no matter how “insane” it may seem.

May God En-Grace you to do so.

Thought For The Day: It is better to be foolish with God than to be wise with men.

Work Point: Do as instructed above.

Stay In His Favour.

Your Enemies Do Not Matter

…Your Enemies Do Not Matter…

Ref. Scripture: Exodus 9:16

I don’t pray that enemies should die. I have the understanding of my placement in Christ far above ALL principalities and powers; hence I operate outside the jurisdiction of the devil. I prefer rather that every enemy would remain alive and see their plans for my life disappointed!!

Did you know that God could have killed Pharaoh the very first day he confronted Pharaoh? He could have, but He didn’t. Why? The Scripture says…”But I have spared you for a purpose—to show you my power and to spread my fame throughout the earth” God knew that Pharaoh would prove stubborn, yet He decided to spare him for a season so that he may acknowledge the superiority of the power of God over all other powers.

Consider Joseph. What if God had killed his brothers when they maliciously sold him to Egypt? Would they have experienced the pains of defeat and shame they eventually had when Joseph was crowned? Of course not. God decided to keep them alive, long enough to see that they could never frustrate His Plans for Joseph.

This may not be what you want to hear, but the truth is, not all your enemies will die. As a matter of fact, it is needless for any of them to die. As impossible as it is for a car on the road to stop an airplane in the sky, it is Scripturally impossible for any devil to arrest a divine purpose.

Your enemies do not matter. Whether they are alive or dead, they can’t do nothing against you. Trust in God’s divine power to always triumph, walk in the consciousness of your divine identity, and see if your enemies will not drink the tears of sorrow at the end.

Thought For The Day: Until they can stop God, they can’t stop you for your life is hidden in Christ.

Work Point: Meditate on Romans 8:37.

Remain Blessed.

The Set Time

…The Set Time…

Ref. Scripture: Exodus 9:5&6

There are certain fundamental truths that the Believer must understand because they form the very bedrock of the Christian faith. He must understand that God operates beyond the reach of any devil hence, whatever He sets out to do ends up done, the resistance notwithstanding. Until we understand this, we will continue to think that the devil has any power to sabotage God’s plan per time, and this singular thought is enough to keep the Believer in the zone of defeat.

In vs. 5, we read…”And the Lord appointed a TIME, saying, tomorrow the Lord shall do this thing in the land” and in the 6th verse, we read…”And the Lord did that thing on the morrow…” Whenever God sets a time for the performance of His promises, no devil in hell can delay it by a millisecond.

»|There would be resistance, yes, but no resistance is resistive enough to resist the plan of God|«

When it is God’s set time, everything works compulsorily!! Doors open of their own accord. Every gate that wants to resist it is shattered into pieces. Every divine resource is deployed to make His plan a reality.

Now, when is that appointed time?

The Scripture says…”NOW is the accepted TIME; behold NOW is the day of salvation” 2 Cor. 6:2

And again it says…”Thou shalt arise, and have mercy upon Zion: for the time to favour her, yea, THE SET TIME HAS COME” Psalm 102:13

Friend, TODAY is that day that the Lord has appointed for you. Not tomorrow, not next week, but TODAY!! What you enforce is what God will ensure. That long awaited miracle can happen in your life today if you believe.

Will you arise and shine this day or will you sit and stink?

It is your call!!!

Thought For The Day: Everyday is the Lord’s day, but the day man believes is his own day…Bishop David Oyedepo.

Work Point: Pray with Psalm 102:13. Instead of Zion, say your name.

Have A Most Blessed Day.

Divine Insurance

…Divine Insurance…

Ref. Scripture: Exodus 9:4

There is a testimony I always share with people to prove the point that God’s covenant of protection covers all that belongs to the Believer. One of the most precious items I have is my memory card; i don’t joke with it. There was this day when it suddenly refused to work, and I had vital stuff on it that I had not backed up. So I opened my Bible to Malachi 3, put the memory card there, and closed the Bible. When I re-inserted it, it started working perfectly. That day, I gained the understanding that:

»|God isn’t just committed to keeping me, He is committed to keeping anything that belongs to me.|«

Can I show you proof from Scripture? While God was unleashing plagues on Egypt, He told Moses…”Nothing shall die of all that belongs to the children of Israel”. Note that He didn’t say “No One”, He said “Nothing”. All that belonged to them didn’t suffer from the plague because they were divinely insured.

Permit me to tell you this friend, there is a divine insurance policy that has got you covered. Everything that is yours is fully insured. Not only will God preserve your life, He will preserve your possessions as well. Till my breath expires, no armed robber can take anything that belongs to me. My possessions are from the Lord and He will not allow just a mortal man cart away with what belongs to Him.

From today, I like you to walk in this understanding because it is understanding that activates the covenant. Nothing is permitted to be lost or to die in your hands.

Thought For The Day: Whatever God gives, God keeps.

Work Point: Have you lost anything? Command its recovery today, and it shall be restored to you.

Happy New Week.

Stop Waiting, Start Working

…Stop Waiting, Start Working…

Ref. Scripture: Exodus 8

Ignorance of what God has invested in the Believer is the reason he is under-maximizing redemption. There are far too many babies in Christendom, and that is the reason we are accomplishing less. While we are looking up to God to make things happen, God is looking down to us to make them happen. He has given us all we need to effect Heaven’s Will on earth, it is up to us to deploy it.

Note that, for every plague that God brought upon Egypt, He didn’t directly make any happen. It was entirely the responsibility of Moses and Aaron. They used the rod, and the plagues were brought upon the land. They were God’s representatives in Egypt and they had all of Heaven’s resources at their disposal to humiliate Pharaoh…and they did!!

The Believer is God’s ambassador on the earth. You are fully empowered by God to make things happen. Jesus says…”As my father has sent me, so I send you” John 20:21. When Jesus was on earth, He didn’t wait in anticipation of what the Father would do concerning any ugly situation, He took charge, addressed the situation, and things happened.

»|Things aren’t happening because you are waiting for God to make them happen, whereas He is waiting for you. The Rod is in your hands, not in His hands.|«

Wake up and stop wasting!! You have the Word, use it!! You have the Blood, use it!! You have the Anointing, use it!! You have the Authority, use it!! You have the Power, use it!!

Stop waiting and start working. Take charge. Take your stand. Sit on your throne. Manifest!!

“The earnest expectation of the creature is waiting for the MANIFESTATION of the SONS of God” Rom. 8:19

Thought For The Day: God moves only when man acts.

Work Point: Ask yourself: Am I deploying my God-invested authority in my territory?

Stay Blessed.

Watch Your Company

…Watch Your Company…

Ref. Scripture: Exodus 8

Man’s experience is scheduled by a number of factors; one of those factors is the company he keeps. If man surrounds himself with people who are living in defeat, it is only a matter of time before they infect him with defeat.

Dr. Abioye says,

»| Your company determines what accompanies you.|«

Pharaoh was the stubborn one; the Egyptians had nothing to do with his refusal to release the Israelites. But when God began releasing the plagues, He didn’t attack Pharaoh alone; the entire land was affected. Because they lived within the territory of Pharaoh, they became partakers of the consequences of his stubborness.

It is important for you to watch the company you keep because it has a huge impact on your experiences in life. Saul wasn’t a prophet but when he came to the company of prophets, the Scripture says, he prophesied!! He partook of the environmental anointing and did what those prophets could do.

Is there something you desire in your life? Surround yourself with people whom it is working for and it will soon happen in your life as well. The company you keep has a significant influence on your thought pattern. If you surround yourself with optimists, your thought pattern would be ordered to always think optimistically. But if you surround yourself with pessimists, even if you are an optimist, you’d soon begin to think like them. And once your thought pattern is set, the events of your life unfold in obedience to it.

»|Watch the company you keep. Don’t remain in a place where what you do not desire is celebrated.|«

Find people who are enjoying what you are seeking, and remain in their company. Greatness is contagious.

Thought For The Day: Those you follow determines what follows you.

Work Point: Who are those you are surrounding yourself with? Delete every unprofitable association today.

Remain Blessed.

The Superiority Of The Divine

…The Superiority Of The Divine…

Ref. Scripture: Exodus 8:1-8

The devil always tries to mimic the supernatural acts of God; this is the reason Jesus warns that we be not deceived with signs for some of them have their source in the kingdom of darkness. However, no matter how clean a fake is, it will never measure up to the standard of the original. Hence, whenever the devil tries to perform, The Performer Himself steps in and swallows up whatever performance the devil puts up.

When Moses invoked the plague of frogs on the land of Egypt, the magicians of the land also stepped out and did the same. It seemed like they had demonstrated equal power. But here is the shocker: Moses was able to restore the frogs back to their original habitat, but the magicians could not. What a shame!!!

»|God proved to them that the divine will always remain superior to every other force.|«

Friend, I like you to know that there is ONLY ONE Being that is omnipotent, and His Name is Jehovah. Unfortunately for the devil, He is your Father, and whatever He does, no devil can undo it.

What’s more, had the magicians not tried to show themselves by bringing more frogs on the land, their would have been fewer frogs to plague the people. Their own homes were affected as well; the frogs they used their magic to summon came to their homes to hurt them. To put it succinctly, their own powers worked against them.

»|Anyone who is trying to plague you now is only investing sorrow into his own life. You can’t fight against the elect and not have your back put on the ground.|«

They think they are working against you, but they are only working for you to their own detriment.

Relax. Enjoy the show. Trust God.

Thought For The Day: The can be no loss wherever there is God.

Work Point: Pray, Father, let your own Will reign supreme in the affairs of my life.

Remain Blessed.

Why Is It Not Happening?

…Why Is It Not Happening?…

Ref. Scripture: Exodus 8:1-4

God created man to rule over the forces of nature. In the garden, nothing could rebel against Adam’s authority. As long as Adam remained subject to God, everything on earth remained subject to him. But when man rebelled, nature rebelled against him. The ground that was conditioned to sweatlessly supply him food now had the audacity to withhold its produce from him. Everything that always listened to him, stood against him.

»|Every time commits himself to disobedience, everything rebels against him.|«

From creation, God had set the limit for frogs — they are to remain in the river. But when Pharaoh chose to disobey God’s order for the release of the Israelites, nature turned against him and his people. Frogs invaded the home of every Egyptian and made life miserable for them. The frogs couldn’t refuse the command of Moses because he was walking in absolute obedience to God’s instruction.

»|Everything listens to the man that listens to God.|«

A principal reason some believers struggle to command results is because they are walking in disobedience. The veracity of your authority on earth is determined by your obedience to the Will of the Father.

If it seems like you are declaring, confessing, and doing, yet nothing is happening, you may need to pause and ask yourself if you are walking in the perfect Will of God. If God told you not to venture into a business, and you didn’t heed him, if you command increase in that business, you’ll never see it.

»|God’s Hand is outstretched only where His leg is.|«

If God is in it, you have a legal ground on which to make demand and you will see it happen. But if you are in it “illegally”, nothing will happen.

Pause. Think. Re-position Yourself.

Thought For The Day: Everything listens to the man that listens to God.

Work Point: Is there any area of life where you are disobeying a divine order? Repent and Return.

Have A Blessed Day.

Repositioning Your Gaze

…Repositioning Your Gaze…

Ref. Scripture: Exodus 7:1

I have discovered that, the first thing the devil seeks to do always is to get man to focus on the wrong thing/person. The Scripture says the lamp of the body is the eye (Matt. 6:22), that is, where the eye is positioned determines either progress, stagnation, or retrogression.

I was reading The Message rendering of Exodus 7 yester-night, and the first verse caught my attention. God said to Moses…”Look at me, I’ll make you…”. God saw that Moses was beginning to focus on Pharaoh, and that was the reason He was doubting what God had told me. That word…”Look”, means to focus. God is here telling Moses, that his continuity depends on his decision to focus on Him. God is willing to “make” him, but he has to focus first!!

My question to you today is, are you focusing on God? Aren’t you focusing on the situation or on people whom you believe can help you? The Psalmist understood this, hence he said…”I will lift UP my eyes to the hills…my help comes from the Lord” Ps. 121:1&2

»|The truth is, until God makes, man will remain marred. He is the only One with the capacity to make.|«

I don’t know the area of your life where you desire a “making”, but I want to tell you this, if you will decide to look at God, He will make you!!

»|Whenever He handles a clay, He doesn’t let it go until He has made it into a vessel.|«

Just focus only on Him and bury other alternatives, then watch Him do for you what none else could ever do.

Thought For The Day: Those who look up to God never remain down in life.

Work Point: Pray, Father, Help me to focus on you and let go of other alternatives.

Happy New Week.




Happy sunday. It is a beautiful sunday here, and I am so loving it.

I traveled to Akure on friday for a programme that was to hold on Saturday. Because I left Abuja quite late, I arrived there about 10pm. Before I could finish writing my BC for the next day and talk to some of my team members there, it was about 12am. So I slept, and set my alarm for 6am, so that I’d have like 3hours to pray and study before the programme starts at 10am.

…And then I woke up, and checked the wall clock…and it was 11:05am. What? Did I just sleep for 11hours? How did it happen? How could I have slept for so long? I started running helter skelter so I could rush down to the venue.

…And then suddenly, I found myself on my bed, and everything was calm. My phone was sleeping close to me. I switched it on, checked the time…and it was 5:59am…then I realized…IT WAS JUST A DREAM.

I sighed in relief…but I also gleaned a lesson. The thing about that dream is, it is inconsistent with my kind of person. Even if I had not slept for a year, I could never sleep for 11hours. So I simply just laughed at the dream.

Imagine that we treat every negative dream this way also. If a dream is negative, it means it is inconsistent with Scriptures. Because God cannot contradict Himself, He will never SHOW you what the Word says can’t happen to you. Why sweat over what the Word forbids concerning you?

The Word of God is what dictates the experience of the Believer, not dreams. So the next time you have a bad dream…wake up…yawn…stretch your body…declare what is written…and go back to bed.

That’s how to mess the devil up. Your attention is too valuable to give to any devil. He is under your feet…and there, he is subject to you!!

That’s it on Sunday Nugget today.

In between, my birthday would come up on a certain day next week. The date?

*Ask Google*…*winks*

Enjoy Your Day.
Everly Yours’,

Cast Down The Rod

…Cast Down The Rod…

Ref. Scripture: Exodus 7:10

I have discovered that the challenge most believers have isn’t that they don’t know, it is that they don’t DO. Like I often say, knowledge is not power; it has power, but it is not power. Just like an uncorked bottle of coke can’t quench your thirst, an unapplied knowledge cannot change your life. We must progress from just knowing to doing for change to be effected.

God empowered Moses’ rod to do wonders, but for that to happen, he had to do something with the rod per time. The rod couldn’t activate itself, it needed to be activated for it to perform its purpose. In his hands, it was just another walking stick, but when put to work, it was God’s weapon of deliverance. God “kept” a serpent inside that rod, but it required a “casting down” to be activated. Until Aaron cast down that rod, it couldn’t “become” what it was loaded with.

Do you desire change? Then you must start applying knowledge. There are different weapons that God has made available for your triumph in life: the Name of Jesus, the Blood of Jesus, the Anointing oil, etc. Until you use them with understanding, the power these weapon carry will not be released. There is no difference between someone who knows and does not do, and someone who doesn’t know at all; action is what provokes motion in life.

Is there a Word you have seen in Scriptures? Is there an instruction you have delayed in obeying? Today is the day to get to work. Cast down that rod for in it lies the deliverance that God has promised you.

Thought For The Day: Those who refuse to do will never move.

Work Point: Make the commitment by the Grace of the Spirit, to be not just a hearer but a doer.

Stay Blessed.

Warning: Low Fuel

…Warning: Low Fuel…

Ref. Scripture: Exodus 7:1-6.

Maintaining a balance between input and output is crucial to sustaining the life and health of anything. Where output exceeds input, collapse is the inevitable end-result. Like the car will always need to be re-fueled constantly for it to remain in motion, we also must continually go for a refill of our spiritual tanks for us to remain in motion.

After Moses’ first encounter with God, He was inoculated with courage, strength, and boldness to confront Pharaoh. But when he confronted Pharaoh, he used up everything he had and he began to operate in unbelief, lacking the boldness to stand before Pharaoh. You know what he did? He ran back to the “fuel” station to refill his tank. By the time God was through re-filling his tank, he was re-positioned to confront Pharaoh and demand for the release of the Israelites.

Whenever you find yourself shaking before the challenges of life, it is an indication that you are running low on spiritual “fuel”. Every time forward movement becomes a struggle, it means you’ve not been paying attention to your “fuel” gauge. What do you in times like this? Get back to the Secret Place and have your tank re-filled.

The reason many people are failing is because their spiritual battery is low, some are even dead. They just keep “releasing” without “receiving” from God. Even Jesus, while on earth, knew how to get away from the crowd. He often withdrew from even His disciples to have his tank re-filled, no wonder He remained fit everyday for His Father’s business.

Remain in the Word. Remain in the place of prayer. Engage in fasting regularly. Remain in fellowship with the Spirit.

Thought For The Day: To be too busy for God is to be in a hurry to expire.

Work point: Ask for Grace to remain in communion with the Spirit.

God Bless You.

Open Your Mouth

…Speak Out…

Ref. Scripture: Exodus 7:2

The destiny of every man is crafted by God but it is enacted by that man. It is often said that…”Your destiny is in your hands”, but I dare say that your destiny is not in your hands, it is in your mouth. God used His mouth to frame the entire universe, and He has delegated the same oral power to man. With his mouth, man can enforce on earth what God has settled concerning him in Heaven.

After God told Moses that He has made him a god unto Pharaoh, He gave him an instruction…”See, I have made you a God to Pharaoh…You shall speak all that I command you” It was not enough for Moses to SEE, He also had to SPEAK. Even though God had made him a god to Pharaoh, he had to use his mouth to manifest his authority.

The proof that you have truly SEEN is the words you speak. The reason I CAN NEVER confess sickness is because I have SEEN in Scriptures that sickness isn’t God’s will for me. Whenever you SEE the truth, it finds expression in your words.

The reason there are so many “lame” believers is because many are “dumb”. Your words give angels substance to work with; it activates them and puts them to work. Friend, don’t die in silence, speak out and enforce the written in your life. Imagine that Bartimaeus had been a gentle man when Jesus was passing by, he probably would have died a blind man. But, he cried out. He shouted with his mouth, and Jesus couldn’t turn deaf ears to eat. His mouth got him that victory!!

You are where you are now because you’ve not been consistent with declaring the Written. Your motion in life is tied to your tongue. Do not keep quiet.

Thought For The Day: A closed mouth is a closed destiny…Dr. David Oyedepo

Work Point: Declare the Written concerning any area of concern in your life today.

Stay Blessed.

What Do You See?

…What Do You See…

Ref. Scripture: Exodus 7:1

The Believer is fully blessed and fully made to live the best life; but whether or nor he will truly live it depends on him. The Apostle Peter says God has given us ALL things that pertain to life and godliness (2Pet. 1:3). There is nothing God should do that He hasn’t done already, it is now up to us to position ourselves to manifest what is resident in us.

God told Moses…”SEE, I have made you a god unto Pharaoh”. What does this statement mean? Remember that God had fully empowered and sent Moses to Pharaoh to demand the release of the Israelites but he ran back to God after Pharaoh’s refusal. So here is God saying, He has already made him a god unto Pharaoh, and he needed to start SEEING himself like that. Until Moses learned to SEE himself as a god, he couldn’t muster the courage to stand before Pharaoh.

What God told Moses, He is telling us also. He says…”Ye are gods” Ps. 82:6. He didn’t say “you will become gods’, He says, you are a god…not tomorrow, not sometimes in the future, but NOW.

»|You are a god TODAY. But until you begin to SEE it, living it will remain a struggle.|«

What you are running away from should be running away from you. God has put the totality of His divinity inside you; you have unlimited capacity to make things happen. You are fashioned to operate after the God-order. But the question is, are you SEEING this?

What you see determines what you can seize. You must begin to see yourself as a creature of envy not of pity. You must begin to see yourself as privileged not disadvantaged. When you start SEEING yourself as the god that you are, every opposition will cower in fear and flee from your territory.

“SEE, I have made you a god..”

What are you now SEEING?

Thought For The Day: God will not deliver to your hands what you can’t capture with your eyes

Work Point: Who are you? Why not take few minutes to remind the devil

Stay Refreshed.

Rest In His Faithfulness

Ref. Scripture: Exodus 6

Our attitude when we approach is very important; it is what determines if we will receive answers from Him or not. Whenever we pray to God, we need to understand that the reason God will answer is because HE IS GOD. He says…”Call upon me and I will answer you” Jer. 33:3, hence whenever you call, He has to answer!! Having this understanding is very crucial for if we think that what we do is what determines God’s response to us, we are far from the truth.

While studying Exodus 6, I discovered that God was doing just one thing throughout the chapter. He was trying to make Moses see the reason He is committed to liberating Israel from bondage. He told Moses…”I am the Lord; I will bring you out from under the burdens of the Egyptians…”Vs. 6. Why will he bring them out of the bondage? Because He IS GOD!! The reason God will DO is because He IS. He is not the I Do That I Do, He is the I Am That I Am. That means, as long as He is (remains) God, nothing will fail of all that He says.

Whenever we are burdened by negative happenings, what God wants us to do is to rest in His Faithfulness.

»|He wants us to know that HE IS STILL GOD, and that with Him, everything will ALWAYS turn out perfect.|«

Do you believe that God is still God? If you do, then rest in His faithfulness. God will never deny Himself and He will never deny His Word. His Faithfulness constrains Him to perform all His promises. I always tell myself, God can never be wrong. So no matter what happens, I am positioned to see it as a divine necessity for the birth of an uncommon miracle.

Don’t struggle. Don’t sweat. Stop toiling. Just rest in His Faithfulness. If you take your rest therein, it will take care of the situation.

Thought For The Day: The Hand of God is able to perform whatever His Mouth declares.

Work Point: Pray with Psalm 123.

Remain Ever Blessed.


…When It Doesn’t Look Like It..

Ref. Scripture: Exodus 5:22&23

In John 9, a dramatic event took place. Jesus saw a man that was born blind, and He was ready to heal him. But rather than lay His hands on him and command him to see, Jesus spat on the ground, made clay with His saliva, and glued to the man’s eyes. He then instructed the man to go and wash his eyes. At the end, the man returned seeing. Now, at the beginning, did it seem like Jesus knew what He was doing? What kind of Healer glues clay to the eyes of a man that is already blind? Isn’t that like complicating the man’s ordeal? It did seem like that, but the Scripture says…”He anointed his eyes with clay”.vs.6. Everyone was seeing a clay, but there was anointing in it.

I had almost moved away from Exodus 5 to Exodus 6 when I saw something in the last verse…”From the moment I came to Pharaoh to speak in your name, things have only gotten worse for this people. And rescue? Does this look like rescue to you?”TMG. Even Moses got to the point where He was at loss as to what God was really up to. All that was happening didn’t look like what God has said. It all seemed to be getting worse.

How many times have you also asked the kind of question Moses asked? You look around you and the things you are seeing do not look like what God says it would be. Does that mean God is a liar? Nay, Far be it from God to do unrighteousness. That it doesn’t look like it yet, doesn’t mean that it is not it; like the saying goes, looks is deceptive!!!

»|You need to understand that nothing can ever become worse in God’s Hands.|«

Even when it doesn’t look like it, God is still at work, and God will never stop working, until your life starts working. That is the Good News

Thought For The Day: Whatever God addresses cannot remain naked; it is divinely dressed!!

Work Point: Reposition your trust and confidence in the omnipotence and faithfulness of God. Nothing can fail in His Hands.

Happy New Week.


The thing about reflecting on the scriptures is that it can make you go gaga when you catch a revelation or rhema from a passage. I was reading my #LA130 daily portion of Matthew 25:1-13 when it struck me. The groom was delayed and the foolish virgins lost out because they had no extra oil at the midnight of their lives. It wasn’t that the foolish virgins weren’t good virgins; it wasn’t that they were impatient either; they were called foolish because they chose not to be prepared for the long haul, the winter or the dark night. They just didn’t have foresight in the event of any eventualities to their plans.
Now understand that people don’t usually use lamps in the day time. People usually use lamps when day has turned to night and the darkness surrounds them – that is when lamps or candles are usually flicked on. So it goes without saying that, if you’re waiting for an important guest, you should be prepared to receive this VIP at any time the VIP turns up bearing in mind that he may or may not turn up according to the appointed time planned. Well, the foolish virgins had a short time plan. What they didn’t envisage was a long time plan and because of this oversight, at midnight, their oil ran out just when they needed it most – chei!
What do you do when your oil runs out?
Understand that oil is meant to beautify and smooth skin or enrich the texture of food or grease the smoothness of an object into operating smoothly. Oil is meant to stop things from becoming rusty or make things run smoothly. Oil, when used on the face puts a glow on your facial skin. Oil takes away the dryness or brittleness of life so to say. That is why we have petroleum oil for our cars with its by-products like Vaseline oiling our lips. That is why we have coconut oil for our skins; we have kerosene oil for our stoves and all kinds of oil for all kinds of purposes. For the virgins, the oil was meant for the oiling of their lamps to give them light to brighten & dispel the darkness of their surroundings and perhaps to illuminate their faces and make them recognisable to the groom.
Now verse 5 of Matthew 25 tells me the groom was delayed. Remember the word – delayed. What do you do when your groom is delayed? Not that he jilted you, he was merely delayed; not that he didn’t want you, he was merely delayed; not that the wedding wasn’t going to hold nor that the marriage wouldn’t take place – he’s still gonna show up but he’s been merely delayed; he’s still gonna marry you but he was delayed – what are you gonna do about it eh?
Delay! Don’t like that word at all. Never liked it then, don’t like it now. Some likely scenarios: your airport flight was delayed from 8:15am to 5:15pm, it happens. Your tailor delayed in finishing that dress you needed for a very important occasion, it happens. What about the long queues at the bank just when you need to rush in and out and then you’re told the bank computer crashed, please hold on. Or when the ever fiery preacher just keeps on yapping and refuses to round up the message in time and your godly etiquette wouldn’t permit you to just up and quit the service? Lest I forget natural blessings like when it’s raining cats and dogs or hailing an avalanche of snow at your doorsteps and right before your very eyes, the clock is ticking away and there’s nothing you can do about it as your plans just simply falls away because man or nature interfered – it is very frustrating.
What are you going to do when your groom has been delayed and your oil is running dry? Natural reactions are beginning to set in: anxiety, panic, fear, disappointments, depression – these creepy feelings are keeping you company and making you feel even much worse. I tell you, it can be scary and frustrating. But I’ve got good news for you – I’m here to tell you that your groom is still coming! Though he delays, wait for it since it will certainly come and not be late. (Habakkuk 2:2-3). Ok but he should have been here by my 10am or 12noon or 2pm, sorry he got delayed and hasn’t shown up – na wao – this groom aint coming no more. That is a lie from the devil. Your groom is coming!
Now I may be using the groom analogy but it goes beyond the marriage context. Your groom might be that long awaited child, that job or employment you searching for; that visa or admission letter that isn’t forthcoming; that contract that is way over due or that your competitor sort of snatched under your nose; that sickness that you’ve been battling since way-back-when; that promotion, ambition, dream, troubled marital home, family etc – whatever that delayed groom represents in your life, I am here to announce to you, your groom (your testimony, your breakthrough, the promise) will surely come at the appointed time. If it hasn’t come, then it isn’t the appointed time.
If you feel your bottle of oil is running dry, go buy another bottle of oil. Stock up and don’t let your (oil) run dry. It wasn’t the groom’s delay that locked the foolish virgins out of the banquet feast nor was it the beautiful lamps or the wise virgins, it was the oil – the lack of oil that they allowed to run dry that locked them out. Initially they had the oil, the purity, the grace & the joy, the love & the kindness, the presence of the Holy-Spirit but gradually, when the midnight of their lives approached, they grew weary of waiting and since time dragged on, they soon lost hope and they stopped caring. They allowed the vicissitudes of life, societal pressures etc to weigh them down. And finally, their faith grew thin. They allowed the physical to dictate the spiritual and finally they lost. This message is for those who feel they have lost their oil – you can get it back. Stop dwelling on stuff you cannot control like the time the groom would show up, the time Nigeria would be great, the time the child, admission, award or job, appointment or money would come because it would eventually come when you least expect. Go get your extra oil. Start with your little corner – your home, your neighbourhood, your village, your city, your face book page, your twitter lane, your blog –those are the places or things you can control and leave the controller of time and output to do the rest. They all became drowsy and fell asleep. Yes, those moments will surely come but when you wake up and you will because you ain’t dead yet, then go take a shower, a bath, a soak even and freshen up with extra oil!


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Remaining In The Faith 2

…Remaining In The Faith 2…

Ref. Scripture: Exodus 5

Every time God wants us to awaken man’s faith, what He does is to send him a Word. The word could come via a sermon, testimony, song, or personal study; but at the instance of the delivery of that Word, the ultimate product is faith. In the same vein, whenever the devil wants to paralyze a man’s faith, what he does is to surround him with negative reports. If man chooses to pay more attention to those negative reports, his faith comes under severe attack and eventually collapses.

Yesterday, we learned that the Israelites that their choice to pay more attention to Pharaoh’s threat rather than the Word God had sent to them was the reason they passed from faith to fear. Today, let us glean an important lesson from Moses. While the Israelites became discouraged and depressed because of the negative reports around them, Moses went back to God — the Source of the Word. Why did he do that? So he could have his faith re-positioned!!! He returned to hear from God again. He knew that his faith could never die if he remained in the territory of the Word. So rather than becoming fretful and discouraged, he went back to the Word, and his perspective was re-aligned!!

There will always be negative reports around us, hence it is very imperative for us to always return again and again to the Word to keep our faith alive. Whenever I see that my faith concerning an aspect of my life is becoming shaky, I don’t just cast away unbelief, I return to the Word. Unbelief cannot remain where the Word is. If your faith in God is unstable, it is because you are far from the Word.

To remain in faith, you must remain in the Word. If there is bad news in your environment, get back to the Word to see what God says concerning you. Once that Word finds a place in your spirit, every unbelief will run away. Is there an aspect of your life where unbelief is in control? Friend, just get to the Word and soak in the truth. That truth will make you free from every shackle of unbelief.

Remember, to remain in faith, you must remain in the Word.

Thought For The Day: Where there is bankruptcy of the Word, there is always impotence of faith.

Work Point: Attack every unbelief concerning any situation in your life with God’s Word today. Feed your spirit with the truth.

Happy Weekend.

Remaining In The Faith

…Remaining In The Faith…

Ref. Scripture: Exodus 5

Faith, the Apostle Paul says, comes by hearing the Word of God (Romans 10:17). That is, every time man opens up his spirit to the Word, faith is the end-product. Unbelief, in like manner, also comes by hearing. Every time man opens up himself to negative news and happenings, unbelief and fear are the results. For man to dwell permanently in the realm of faith therefore, he must perpetually expose himself to the Word and turn his ears away from anything that contradicts what the Word says.

When Moses approached the Israelites in Exodus 4 to deliver the Word of the Lord to them, the Scripture says…”So the people believed…then they bowed their heads and worshiped” Exodus 4:31. Their contact with that Word from God awakened their faith for deliverance from slavery. But in Exodus 5:21, there was a dramatic turn. The same people who had believed God’s Message of deliverance and rejoiced exceedingly at it exhibited fear and indignation against Moses. “And they said to Moses and Aaron, let the Lord look on you and judge because you have made us abhorrent in the sight of Pharaoh…” What could have happened?

»»|The people chose to listen MORE to the words of Pharaoh and his servants than to the words of the Lord. As they continued to listen to the words of Pharaoh, their faith became paralyzed|««

I won’t be able to wrap this up today, but I like you to understand that, just like faith is born by paying attention to the Word, it takes sustained exposure to the Word to remain in faith. The moment you choose to begin to pay attention to news that is not consistent with Scriptures, you are suffocating your faith to death.

We’ll pick it up from here tomorrow.

Thought For The Day: What you look at determines what you look like.

Work Point: Ask for Grace to remain committed to the Word, in and out of season.

Remain Blessed.

Engaging His Word

…Engaging His Word…

Ref. Scripture: Exodus 5:1

My belief in the veracity of the Word of God is eternally unshakeable. Whenever I hear people say, they’ve been using the Word but it is not producing for them, I know that the problem is not with the Word, it is with them. When the Word is worked the right way, it will work!!

Yesterday, we learned that Moses approached Pharaoh in the Name of the Lord. But he didn’t just stop at the Name, He engaged the Word. He said…”Thus saith the Lord…let my people go” He didn’t go before Pharaoh to entreat his pity or obtain his compassion, he went with the Word. Moses understood that, that Word is as powerful in his mouth as it is in God’s mouth. That understanding fueled his confidence against the mighty Pharaoh. At first, Pharaoh tried to resist that Word, but at the end, the Word won. The Word overcame every resistance and fulfilled the purpose for which it was sent.

Friend, the Word may be resisted, but it cannot be defeated. There is no other way apart from the Word-way. You can’t afford to let go of the Word because there seems not to be any result. The only way to possess is to keep pressing. The Word CAN never fail. If it is written, then it is done already!! The Word had gone ahead of the Israelites; their freedom from slavery was written already. So there was nothing any Pharaoh could do to keep them in slavery.

I don’t know what that situation is, but if you will remain consistent with the Word, you’ll definitely end up victorious. Saturate your heart with the Word and let it form your vocabulary. Declare it consistently, and you will see it appear.

God cannot fail and because the Word is God, the Word can never fail.

Thought For The Day: If God said it, He will not do it; He has DONE it already!!

Work Point: Ask for Grace never to let go of the Word no matter the situation.

Stay Blessed.

The Power In The Name

…The Power In His Name…

Ref. Scripture: Exodus 5:1

Some believers are suffering in ignorance because they do not know how to wield the power in the Name of Jesus. Merely chanting the Name will not release the Power in it, we must understand that whenever we call that Name, every thing that has a name must pay attention and obey speedily.

When Moses and Aaron approached Pharaoh, they approached him in the Name of the Lord. Even though Pharaoh was one of the most powerful kings of his days, they approached him in the Name of the All-Powerful King. They used the Name of the Lord as the weapon of attack because they know that His Name cannot go to war and return with injury; it will doubtlessly register flawless victory!!

Friend, there is Power in the Name of Jesus. The reason you are calling it and it seems not to be working for you is because it has no fountain of understanding to draw from. Calling the name out of fear will not release the Power in it. Moses stood before Pharaoh confident in the Power in the Name of the Lord that sent him, and every time He said…”Thus saith the Lord”…there was always a performance!!

The Name of Jesus is a potent weapon of victory. The Scripture says…”At the Name of Jesus, EVERY knee should bow, of those in Heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth” Phill. 2:10. The word “every” exempts nothing from under the control of this Name. If it has a name —- either it is barreness, poverty, sickness, failure, disappointment, etc, then the Name can can handle it!!

Engage that Name today against every “pharaohic” situation in your life. Attack it with the Name of Jesus. If you engage it with the understanding of the Power it carries, it will destroy every situation and bring you into your waiting victory!!

Thought For The Day: Only the Name that is Above other names can put man Above every situation.

Work Point: Study Phillipians 2:9-11


Stand Up And Take Charge

…Stand Up And Take Charge …

Ref. Scripture: Exodus 5:2

Do you remember the story of the fig tree that Jesus cursed? (Matthew 21:18-20). For so many years, I failed to see the reason Jesus cursed that tree. It wasn’t the season for figs so it wasn’t supposed to bear fruits. Why then did Jesus curse it? I’ll tell you why. Note that in vs. 19, the Scripture says, “Jesus answered the fig tree…” If Jesus answered it, then it must have said something to Jesus. It probably mocked Jesus that he was hungry, was expecting to find fruit on it, and he didn’t get it. Jesus showed it, who the Boss really is. He cursed it, and that was the end of the discussion.

What that fig tree did to Jesus is similar to what Pharaoh did to Moses. Pharaoh mocked the word of God in Moses’ mouth. He derided the God that sent Moses to deliver Israel. Well, we all know what the eventual outcome was. He perished in the Red Sea.

Far too many believers play the defensive. They allow the devil do whatever he deems fit with their lives, with the ignorant belief that, when the time is right, God will do something about it. Permit to inform you friend, if you do not do something about it, God will do NOTHING about it. Moses didn’t just sit down his tents believing God to deal with Pharaoh, he went out and dealt with Pharaoh himself. He stood up to Pharaoh. He confronted and challenged him.

We also need to display the same response against anything that is trying to make mockery of our redemption. Don’t tolerate what you should annihilate. It is good to spend quality time “on our knees”; but you see, there is a time to kneel and a time to stand. If all we do is “kneel” and refuse to “stand”, things will never change.

Thought For The Day: Every believer is empowered to dictate the happenings in his world.

Work Point: What is that thing that is mocking God in your life? Confront and curse it today.

Stay Blessed.

When The Fire Increases

…When The Fire Increases…

Ref. Scripture: Exodus 5

Whenever God is set to do a thing, there is no battalion of devils that can stop Him. Even though the devil himself is aware of this truth, he still attempts to make noise. He increases the heat and makes us feel like things are getting worse when in actual fact, they are just about turning around for good. Believers who are ignorant of this throw in the towel and give the devil the opportunity to celebrate.

When Moses and Aaron approached Pharaoh to demand for the release of the Israelites, the first thing he did was to increase the burden of the Israeli slaves. It didn’t seem like their prayer was going to be answered. They prayed for deliverance, but the oppression only multiplied. The Israelites promptly turned their backs at Moses, blaming him for making their situation worse than it was. Imagine that Moses had done the same. Had he given up like they all did, they would have lingered on in slavery. They would have been grounded. But Moses understood what was happening, hence He only intensified pressure on Pharaoh, and eventually they were delivered.

Friend, I like you to know that, it is always toughest when it is almost over. When the heat increases, the heat is about to give way. Every time the devil sees that you are about to break off his shackles, he increases his battle fire so he can scare you away from your imminent triumph. Do not allow him to deny you of your breakthrough. Do not settle down in a challenge thinking that there is no way out of it. No matter how fierce the devil may be battling you, he can never stop what God is determined to do in your life. Hold On!!

Thought For The Day: The way out of pressure is to keep pressing.

Work Point: Declare today, I refuse to give up. I refuse to cave in. My change has come. I cannot be stopped. I am coming out.

Remain Blessed.

Dear Daughter 4

Dear Daughter,

I know that you are probably angry with me for taking so long to write you another letter. I have no excuse at all, and I want to apologize for the delay. I trust that you are doing great and taking good care of your mum and siblings for me. I hear of your good works often, and I am very proud of you.

I know that you are ripe for marriage and I definitely want to see you get married too because my hands are itching to carry my grandchild. But, I need you to understand that, singleness is not something to run out of, it is something to make the most of. People make it sound like being single is a disease; that is so very wrong. You have no other season to prepare yourself for a glorious marriage. If you miss it now, it’ll require a miracle for you to have a good marriage. This ain’t the time for you to indulge yourself in the extravagant pleasures of youthfulness, it is the time to work on yourself and become a better lady.

God reserves his “kings” only for queens. There are many ladies who are not married now because God is protecting His men from them. He knows that they cannot make a good marriage happen by reason of their unpreparedness and massive character flaws. God loves His men too much to commit them into the hands of such ladies, so He keeps them unmarried. Daughter, work on yourself! God will give you a King if you position yourself as a queen.

One more thing dear. You should know that, no man wants to marry a woman, every man wants to marry a wife. I see that look on your face, just give me few seconds to chop that sentence into pieces for you. Ladies make the mistake of postponing certain things till when they get married. They wait for their status to change from Miss. to Mrs. before they effect certain changes in their lives. Whatever you would as a Mrs., do it as a Miss. Live as a wife today, not tomorrow. I know ladies who are engaged but who still go out on dates with other guys whom they know that they won’t get married to. The question is, would you do that as a wife? Of course not. So why do it now? This is a principal reason many promising relationships just hit the rock and die. If you are not ready for a relationship, then be on your own. But if you are committing yourself to a man, you have to learn to THINK and ACT as a wife in the now. You’d respect him as a wife, so why not give him the respect now. You’d be concerned about his progress as a wife, so why not be concerned with it now.

In the light of the above, please understand there are also limits (*coughs lightly*). As a wife, you’ll have sex with him, but DON’T DO IT NOW ooooo. Before you’d say it was dad that counseled you to act as a wife in the now. I know that you are wise and discerning and you know the set boundary between a man and a lady in a relationship. Don’t do what God will not approve of. Be a God-lady, and be firm in doing what is right no matter the cost involved.

I’ll be taking my fingers off my pad soon. I want to remind you that your destiny is a great one, and the devil will attempt to sabotage it by getting you into the wrong relationship and eventually the wrong marriage. Open your spirit to God, your mind to wise counsel, and your eyes to reality. Like I told you in one of my previous letters to you, love isn’t blind. Remember what I always tell you, your greatest asset is the Holy Spirit. If you give Him your ears permanently, you will never miss your way. He’ll tell you more things than I could ever tell you as your father. He knows even the most chameleonic man, and if you remain bound to Him, He’ll shield you away from his venom.

It doesn’t feel like it, but I really have to say goodbye now. If anything comes up before I write you another letter, feel free to contact me. I’ll write you as soon as I hear from you.

I love you daughter, and I believe in you.

Go rock the universe for Jesus and be a change agent.

Till I write you again,

Your Foster Father,

Succeeding Together

…Partnering For Success…

Ref. Scripture: Exodus 4:13-17

The truth about life is, we will always need each other as we navigate the course of destiny. I am yet to see one person on earth who is 100% in everything and needs help from no one. God created man not just for him to have relationship with Him, but to have relationship with his fellow men. There is a “weakness” in you that someone else’s “strength” will fit into perfectly. Choosing to sail alone in life has never helped anyone.

God didn’t call Aaron, He called only Moses. Moses was the deliverer. He was the one God empowered. But, in destiny, Moses needed Aaron to succeed. Aaron had the “mouth”, Moses had the “hands”. Aaron was the speaker, Moses was the doer. That Aaron was the speaker didn’t make him inferior to Moses; every divine calling is a high calling. Without Moses, Aaron’s name may not have appeared in Scriptures. His destiny was tied to Moses’. These two folks found each other, worked together, and fulfilled destiny!!!

In the race of destiny, there are some people that God has prepared to walk with you. Your destiny is tied to their’s, vice versa. They have something you don’t have and the same goes for them. Without them in this race with you, there’ll be too many struggles and you could become weary.

Yeah, I know that you are very intelligent, skillful, and competent. Yet, you still need people to climb higher and fulfill destiny; the Scripture says two are better than one. Don’t attempt to fly solo. Allow God to direct you to your own “12 disciples”.

My prayer for you today is that, God will lead you to the Aarons He has prepared for you in life, and that He will bring the Moses whom your own destiny is tied to your way.

Thought For The Day: You will never get to that point in life where you no longer need God or people.

Work Point: Pray, Lord, connect me to the people that my destiny is attached to.

Happy Weekend.

Guard The Seed

…Guard The Seed…

Ref. Scripture: Exodus 4:18, 28

Every divine assignment is viable; it carries in it the power to bear fruits. However, just like there are other factors that make for fruitfulness apart from the viability of a seed, there are other factors that ensure the fruitfulness of a divine assignment apart from its viability. One of these factors is the environment in which the seed is planted.

I was looking at Exodus 4 from the beginning again yesterday and I saw something that struck me. I observed that Moses didn’t relate his encounter with God and the assignment God gave him to Jethro, his father-in-law, he only talked to Aaron about it. He only told Jethro that he wanted to go and check on his brethren in Egypt. Why did he do this? Maybe if he had told Jethro, he would have discouraged him from obeying God’s instructions. Even though Jethro later became an important figure in Moses’ life, he only came after he HEARD all that God had done through Moses. Sharing the vision with him at that initial stage could probably have killed it.

There are many divinely inspired ideas and divine assignments that have been suffocated to death because the bearers shared them with the wrong people —- they planted the seed in the wrong environment. Even if the soil is fertile, if there are too many weeds around a seed, it will struggle to thrive. Friend, discernment and wisdom is very indispensable. Do not plant your “seed” in a “thorny” environment. Do not bother sharing it with people who do not believe in you or in the future God has prepared for you. Eventually, everyone would rally round you when they see the fruits, but for it to get to that stage, you need to preserve it.

Wisdom is profitable to direct!!

Thought For The Day: Viability is needed for fruitfulness, but it isn’t all that is needed.

Work Point: Identify the Jethros in your life, and guard that assignment from them.

Stay Blessed.

A Living Witness

…A Living Witness…

Ref. Scripture: Exodus 4:30&31

One of the trademarks of the Gospel is the power it releases when it is embraced. Without that power, the gospel is reduced to mere talk without action.

For us as believers, believing is seeing, but for those in the world, seeing is believing. If they do not SEE something that is far superior to what is naturally obtainable, it is unlikely that they will BELIEVE the message. The Apostle Paul says…”For the Kingdom of God is not in words but in power” 1Cor. 4:20. When people see the signs that the Gospel is what you say it is in your life, you won’t need to beg them to accept Jesus, they will surrender willingly.

When Moses arrived Egypt, he gathered the Israelites together. He didn’t attempt preaching to them; he told them what God has put in his mouth and backed it up with signs. See how the Scripture puts it…”And Aaron spoke all the words which the Lord had spoken to Moses. Then he did the signs in the sight of the people. So the people believed…” Look at that progression: he spoke the word, did the signs, then the people believed.

Friend, don’t stop at the “word” level, press on to the power. Don’t just talk the talk, do the deeds. Don’t just let your mouth alone preach the gospel, let your life be a living witness of the power of the gospel; let the change it brings be evident in your life. Do not be deceived; poverty is not synonymous with purity. Jesus says Blessed are the poor in the spirit not the poor in the pocket.

Do not let the devil deny you of the power of the gospel; manifest it and live it. Remember, you have the Rod, take it and put it to work and see the power of God fully made manifest in your life.
Thought For The Day: Wherever the NAME of Jesus is, SHAME should not be found.

Work Point: Pray today, enforcing the power of the gospel in every area of your life.

God Bless You.

Take The ROD

…Take The ROD…

Ref. Scripture: Exodus 4:17

There is no denying the fact that God has ordained the life of the believer to be a living sign and wonder. However, this isn’t an automatic thing, it has to be commanded and enforced. Ignorance of what it takes to command miracles is the reason many believers wallow in misery and make themselves victims of fake prophets who just exploit them.

Even though God had ordained Moses to be the deliverer of Israel from Egyptian bondage, the deliverance wasn’t just going to happen. Moses had to do something to enforce the deliverance. God told Moses…”And you shall take rod in your hand, with which you shall do signs” Moses needed to put the rod to work for God’s supernatural hand to be stretched.

The Rod symbolizes the Word of God. Like Moses needed the rod to command signs, we need the Word to command the supernatural in our lives. The poverty of the Word is the reason for the different kinds of “poverty” that many believers are experiencing. Wherever the Word is put to work, miracles are birthed. God’s Word is God’s bond, hence every time we use the Word, God is fully committed to performing it because His integrity is at stake.

Notice the action word in that verse…”Take the rod”. Many of us are very good with reading the word and preaching it but we are very “unskilled” in taking it. The word you do not use cannot profit you. If you want your flour to rise, you don’t keep the yeast beside it, do you? No. You add it and mix it with the flour, then the yeast, on its own, performs its work. That’s how the Word works. All you have to do is put it inside any situation and it’ll do its job.

Thought For The Day: Until you “trade” with the Word, it cannot yield profit for you.

Work Point: Is there any situation trying to mess you up? “Take” the Word this morning and mess up that situation.

Remain Blessed

Aligning With Divine Perspective

…Aligning With Divine Perspective…

Ref. Scripture: Exodus 4:10-12

One of our errors as humans is that we fail to align our perspective with God’s. Whenever we refuse to see what God is seeing concerning us, we hinder the flow of His omnipotence in our favour.

In our reference text, this was the challenge. God was looking at Moses’ hands, but Moses was looking at his own mouth. Moses believed that his mouth was what God would use, but God’s plan was to use the rod in his hands to deliver Israel. From the beginning, God never made mention of Moses’ mouth even though He knew that he was a stammerer. He didn’t mention it because it was very insignificant!! To God, Moses’ mouth was a minor tool. When Moses decided to “major” on what God reckoned to be “minor”, unbelief crept it and he judged himself incompetent to fulfill the divine task God had commissioned him to do.

Friend, are you not also like Moses? Are you not looking at what God is looking away from? Are you not concentrating on the “minor”? God desires that you align your sight with His’. He wants you and Him to be focused on the same direction. He wants you to be concerned with what He is saying not what you are feeling.

Stop allowing what is unnecessary drain your energy. You may be a “stammerer”, but there is a “rod” in your hands, and that rod is more than sufficient to do what God has commissioned you to do. This new month, align yourself with the divine perspective; it takes the right perspective to enjoy possession.

Thought For The Day: When we choose to focus on what really matters, we have enough strength to overcome anything.

Work Point: Pray, Lord, today I choose to focus only on what truly matters. I choose to align with your perspective.

Happy New Month.

Yes, You Can!

…Yes, You Can…

Ref. Scripture: Exodus 4:10-12

Any assignment God gives is always bigger than the sent. If God were to give you an assignment that your natural strength can handle, would you need God? Because God wants to ensure that we are always dependent on Him, He gives us tasks that we are unable in ourselves to do, so that by leaning on Him, we can receive the Strength needed to get the job done.

No doubt, the assignment before Moses was a very huge one. God took His time to show him diverse signs as proofs that he has Supernatural backup. But after all, Moses’ feeling of inadequacy overwhelmed him. He took his eyes off God and focused more on his own abilities, and since those were nothing, he concluded that God had chosen the wrong person for the job. He told God to send someone else.

God never chooses the wrong person for His job. If He has chosen you to accomplish a task, no matter how inadequate you may feel you are, you are the right person for the job. Every excuse you are tendering isn’t strange to God’s sight; He saw all those inabilities before choosing you. Knowing that you are not naturally able should propel you to lean permanently on Him for the flow of Grace and Strength, rather than make you excuse yourself from divine arrangement.

God knows that you can’t, that’s why He chose you. If you will let Him flow through you, you will manifest such supernatural ability that will not only cause people to wonder but make you marvel at yourself as well. Forget about what you can’t do, and focus on what God can and will do through you.

Greater is He that is at work in you…

Thought For The Day: God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called.

Work Point: Pray that God will infuse you with Divine Strength and Grace to do what He has tasked you to do.

Happy New Week.

The Rod And His Presence

…The Rod And His Presence…

Ref. Scripture: Exodus 4:1-3

Some of us have no idea what God has deposited in us. While God has ordained us to reign as kings, we walk around like men to be pitied. I was once like that at a time. But the moment I stepped into the Presence of God and remained there, there was a stirring, and every snoring potential and treasure in me jacked back to life. There is something about God’s Presence that brings out the supernatural in the natural.

In Exodus 3:5, you’d recall that God told Moses to take his sandals off his feet because he was standing on a holy ground. The event recorded in Exodus 4 didn’t take place in another location, Moses was still on that holy ground. When Moses cast down his rod and it made contact with that holy ground, there was a stirring in the rod. The supernatural in the rod was quickened. The true potential of the rod manifested itself. Moses had been using the rod as a tool of instruction and direction (for his sheep), but he never knew that it had the potential to execute judgment. The power in the rod remained dormant until it made contact with the holy ground.

Truth is, there are far too many people who are under-maximising destiny. You ask why? Because they have distanced themselves from God’s Presence. What is inside them is yet to make contact with the quickening power of the Most High. They go to church, but they are not in touch with the Head of the church.

Friend, there is something inside you that needs to be quickened. There is something inside you that needs to be stirred, but until you settle down in His Presence, it will remain dormant. Don’t be a once-in-a-while visitor, settle down there!! Nothing can remain asleep in His Presence.

Thought For The Day: Man’s essence can only be quickened by God’s Presence.

Work Point: If you know the song…”Draw me nearer, nearer blessed Lord”, sing it. Commit yourself to settling in His Presence

Happy Weekend.

The Rod And The Serpent

…The Rod And The Serpent…

Ref. Scripture: Exodus 4:3

I always trust the judgment of the Holy Spirit concerning anything that concerns my life. Whenever He says “stop”, even if I see no reason why I should stop, I obey Him. Eventually, the reason becomes obvious. Most people end up biting their fingers in regret because at a time, they refused to heed the instruction of the Holy Spirit concerning an issue. The best time to obey Him is when He doesn’t make sense.

Moses had carried a rod for years and he so treasured it because it was useful for shepherding his flock. He saw no disadvantage in that rod. But when God told him to cast it down, that rod turned to a serpent. Moses was carrying a serpent in his hands for years and he didn’t know. Until he cast it down, he couldn’t see the serpent in the rod in his hands!!

Often times, God asks us to also cast down our rods but because we think “it is just a rod”, we are reluctant to obey. If God opens your eyes now to see the serpent in the rod He is telling you to cast down, you’ll promptly flee like Moses did. Friend, what is that rod God is telling you to cast down? If God is insisting that you drop it, then it is not a rod, it is a serpent. Throw it away like you would a serpent. Many people are experiencing “hold up” in life because they are holding on to what God has instructed them to cast down.

Don’t try to be smarter than God. God sees what you cannot see, and any instruction He gives you is to your own advantage. Yes, letting it go may be painful, but the pain would never be able to stand the immeasurable gain that will eventually attend to you.

Be Wise.

Thought For The Day: Until certain things leave you, certain blessings can’t cleave to you.

Work Point: What is that rod that God is telling you to cast down? Don’t delay the obedience any further. Cast it down today.

Have A Blessed Day.

The Power Of Favour

…The Power Of Favour…

Ref. Scripture: Exodus 3:21

Yesterday, we saw that God went the extra mile in answering the prayers of the Israelites. They prayed for deliverance, and God not only delivered them, He gave them favour in the sight of the Egyptians. Today, we are looking at what that favour did for them.

God told Moses…”I will give this people favour…and you shall not go empty-handed”. Favour is God’s answer to emptiness. The Israelites had served and toiled for years, yet their lives were empty. They had nothing to show forth as proof of their years of labour. It is like emptying an ocean into a basket —- great input, but no result. God’s strategy for fighting that emptiness was favour. Favour secured their pending results for them in a day. Their lives that had hitherto experienced emptiness suddenly experienced overflowing abundance.

When favour is at work, results exceed input. Hear David…”For they did not gain possession of the land by their sword, not did their own arm save them; but it was your right hand, your arm, and the light of your countenance, BECAUSE YOU FAVOURED THEM” Psalm 44:3. Did you see that? Because of the interplay of favour, they commanded results that were far beyond their level of strength.

This Favour is locating you today. Wherever you have sowed, bountiful harvest will attend to you. Results that exceedingly surpass your input will become your everyday experience. Wherever you are experiencing emptiness, the overflowing abundance of the Almighty will embarrass you. The light of God’s countenance will permanently shine on you. The undefeatable Arm of God will place you above every limitation.

Are you saying AMEN?

Thought For The Day: Favour pays in multiple folds, what labour is unable to pay.

Work Point: Pray with Psalm 44:3. Declare the Favour of God upon your life.

Remain Favoured.

The MORE Dimension

…The MORE Dimension…

Ref. Scripture: Exodus 3:21

God is always the extra-mile-going God. God doesn’t just do what is enough, He goes ahead to do what is more than enough. Jesus could have just provided food that was sufficient for the over 5,000 people that came to listen to Him teach, but He ensured that there were 12 full baskets as left overs to prove that He is truly able, as Apostle Paul puts it…”To do exceedingly, above all that we could ever ask or think…”Eph. 3:20

God could have just stopped at setting the Israelites free from Egyptian bondage, but He decided to do even more. He decided to give them favour. Understand that, the Israelites did not cry to God for favour, they only requested for deliverance but God decided to go beyond their request; He gave them the favour they didn’t ask for.

There is one thing you have been asking God for, and to you, it is more than enough. But permit me to inform you, God will do much more than you are asking for. When you plant a seed, the fruits you get is not commensurate to the seed planted. A seed could give you a fruit with dozens of seeds in it. That is the dimension of answers God is bringing your way.

What’s more, God owes no man. He is an arrears-paying God. In God’s plan, the Israelites were to spend 400years in slavery. But because they had now spent 430years, God decided to compensate the delay, hence the delivery of favour package in addition to the promised deliverance. What does this tell you? Is there an answer that has delayed to appear? Is there a result that has tarried to manifest? Listen to me, it is coming with arrears. When it appears, and that is soon enough, it will come with unexpected bonuses and extra payments.

Relax and trust God. When He is in control, nothing can ever be out of control.

Thought For The Day: If it is coming late, it is coming bigger.

Work Point: Meditate on Habakkuk 2:3.

Remain Ever Blessed

Speak The Word

…Speak The Word…

Ref. Scripture: Exodus 3:16-18

The unchanging truth about every word that proceeds from God is that it will always bring life. The Scripture says…”Man shall…LIVE…by every WORD that proceeds from the mouth of the Lord” Deut. 8:3. But, until the Word that proceeds from the mouth of the Lord is declared with the mouth of men, the life in it cannot be released. The Word of God in your mouth is as powerful as it is in God’s mouth. When God speaks, everything hears; whenever you speak His Word, everything must hear you.

Moses was afraid that the people of Israel may not listen to him, and he was right, they really would not have listened to him. But God put a Word in his mouth and made him understand that if he declares that Word they will hearken to his voice (vs.18). In other words, with that Word in his mouth, the Israelites had no option but to listen to him. That Word carried a power that compelled the obedience of everyone and everything it came in contact with.

Every time we declare God’s Word, we activate a power that nothing can refuse. If the word of an earthly king carries weight in the mouth of his servants, how much more the Word of the Heavenly King in the mouth of His children!!

Speak the Word friend, and that situation will hearken to you. I don’t declare the Word wondering if it will work or not, because it is not my word. The One who is called The Word said He is watching over His Word to perform it. Mine is to declare, His’ is to perform. You need to imbibe the same attitude towards the Word. Declare it and leave it to God to confirm!! I can tell you, the Word NEVER fails to work. If you declare it in faith, God is committed to performing it.

Thought For The Day: The Word you speak, is what angels will pick, and God will fix…Dr. David Abioye.

Work Point: Declare today into your life. Declare the Word and it shall come to pass.

Remain In The Word.

Are You In The Right Company?

…Are You In The Right Company?…

Ref. Scripture: Exodus 3:15&16

Whenever the devil wants to truncate a man’s destiny, what he does is to plant the wrong people in his life. Man’s ascent or descent in life is largely a function of the company he keeps. No seed, no matter how viable, will be able to survive in the company of thorns.

After God had addressed Moses’ identity problem and clarified his ignorance as to who He (God) is, He instructed him to take a step. He said…”Go and gather the elders of Israel together, and say to them…I have surely visited you…”vs. 16. After God gave Moses the assignment to deliver the Israelites from slavery, He instructed him to share the assignment with the elders of Israel and they were all to approach Pharaoh (vs. 18). His assignment was to deliver Israel, their assignment was to aid him in fulfilling that assignment.

So many people are failing in destiny because they have positioned themselves in the wrong company. When a man is with the wrong people, he puts himself outside the reach of divine help. Even though God so loved and had great plans for Samson, as long as he pitched his tent with Phillistine women, God couldn’t help him. The Scripture mentions no profitable association in the life of Samson — none at all. He plucked himself out of the right company and planted himself amongst thorns, and it was only a matter of time before the thorns subdued him and made a mess out of him.

Friend, is your company profitable? Are those you are moving with adding profit to your destiny or are they eating your capital? Understand that, greatness flourishes only where its kind of environment is created. Don’t kill the greatness in you. Don’t suffocate the assignment in your hand to death. Be wise.

Thought For The Day: Your company determines what accompanies you…Dr. David Abioye.

Work Point: Reflect today. Are you in the right company? Take action steps and reposition yourself.

Have a Great Day.



Ref. Scripture: Exodus 3:13&14

I really do not believe that the Christian walk is as complex and complicated as some people take it to be. Jesus stressed the need for us to receive the Kingdom of God as a little child because the life of a child is uncomplicated. He doesn’t worry about anything, he lives one day at a time, and he is quick to believe every simple promise you make to him. That is how God expects us to walk with Him.

I don’t know what Moses had in mind when He asked…”When I come to the children of Israel and say to them, the God of your fathers has sent me to you, and they say to me, What is His name? What shall I say to them?” He probably was expecting God to give him a huge, long, hard-to-understand name. But God simply said…”Thus shall you say to the children of Israel, I AM has sent me to you”. Two simple words yet deep in meaning. Moses already referred to God as the “God of your fathers”, yet that seemed too simple for him to take to the children of Israel, but God is here saying…”You already called me God, that is who I AM”. If I have to expand that statement more, God was saying…”Moses, knowing that I AM God is enough. That simple knowledge is ALL you need to deliver the Israelites”.

Friend, there are times when you are expecting God to speak plenty grammar, but He just whispers “I AM” into your ears. That “I AM” is more than enough if you will only understand it. It means, I AM with you; I AM not leaving you; I AM going to see you through it; I AM your friend, etc.

What’s more, when God says “I AM”, He wants you to know that YOU CAN”. Because HE IS in you, YOU CAN do ALL THINGS!! It is a life of No Limits.

Thought For The Day: God is all that He is, so that you can be all that He has ordained you to be.

Work Point: Worship God for WHO HE IS today knowing that HE CAN and WILL do what you ask of Him.

God Bless You.

Lord, Who Are You?

…Lord, Who Are You?…

Ref. Scripture: Exodus 3:13

Many of us claim to have God as our Father, yet we really do not know Him. We pray to Him, but we have no solid understanding of who He is and how He works. This is the reason many believers are falling prey to the antics of the enemy. He attempts to paint a picture of whom God is not to them and because they lack understanding, they buy into it. Consequently, they relate with God from a distance and seek not to become intimate with Him.

Every believer should seek to have a PERSONAL revelation of whom God is. We must pray to God to REVEAL Himself to us. Having a revelation of whom God is is so indispensable to the triumphant life God has ordained for the believer. Moses didn’t want to go and represent a God He did not know. Moses had seen what God can do; the burning bush was enough to convince Him that God is very powerful. Yet, he knew that he needed a personal revelation of the Person of God if he was going to be successful in life and ministry.

Friend, are you not building your life around someone else’s opinion of whom your Father is? Are you not allowing someone else’s perspective of God define yours? God wants to REVEAL Himself to you. He wants to give you a PERSONAL revelation of who He is. He doesn’t want you to continue to live on your Pastor’s version of whom He is, He wants to tell you.

Years ago, I caught a personal revelation of God as the Shepherd of my life. You have no idea how much that understanding has helped me in relating with Him. You can’t try to sell me an adulterated version of God, because I already have that personal revelation of who He is.

He’ll do the same for you. God does not know how to turn away from a genuine heart. All you need do is ask, and He’ll show Himself to you. Jer. 33:3

Thought For The Day: Where there is no understanding, there is always “under-living”.

Work Point: Ask God to reveal Himself to you. He definitely will.

Remain Blessed.

No Need To Fear

…No Need To Fear…

Ref. Scripture: Exodus 3:11&12

Fear is often the product of a consciousness of aloneness. When I was a kid, I remember that I was always afraid to sleep in the bedroom alone, I preferred to rather sleep on a couch in the company of others. I have often heard that the principal cure of fear is faith, and while I believe that faith is a potent cure, I am of the opinion that the principal cure is a consciousness of divine presence. The moment you are conscious of that truth that God is always with you, every atom of fear in you will go back to hell.

Obviously, Moses had been through a whole lot. He had spent the last 40years of his life tending the flock of his father-in-law. Everyone he used to identify with was cut-off from him; he felt so all alone. It wasn’t much wonder that he asked WHO AM I? when God sent him to Pharaoh. God saw that that fear stemmed from a consciousness of aloneness, hence He told him…”I will certainly be with you”. God wanted Moses to know that with Him, he had nothing to fear —- nothing, not even Pharaoh!!!

Are you also living in the bondage of fear? Is there a step you have been very scared to take? Do you feel so all alone? I’ve got good news for you this morning. God has asked me to tell you that He is with you. He is giving you that assurance. With Him, you are able to take possession of all that belongs to you. With Him, you can dare every Pharaoh and silence the “magicians”.

You need not be scared of nothing. You need not ask, Am I Able to do this?. Shall Strength walk with you and you be weak? Shall Power walk with you and you be feeble? Shall Wisdom walk with you and you be stranded? Never, God forbid!!!

With Him, there is no need to fear.

Thought For The Day: Wherever there is fear, progress becomes impossible.

Work Point: Walk from today with the consciousness of His Presence and refuse to allow anything make you afraid.

Enjoy His Presence

Identity Crisis

…Identity Crisis…

Ref. Scripture: Exodus 3:11&12

Personally, I believe that many believers are performing far below their spiritual capacity. Many things are responsible for this, but top on the list is Identity Crisis. How do I mean? Many of us don’t know WHO we are and WHOM we have. This ignorance has deadly consequences.

Moses had just witnessed a supernatural event, and there He was having a conversation with God. Yet, when God commissioned him to go set free the Israelites, the first question He asked was WHO AM I? But notice that God didn’t directly answer that question. Rather He said…”I will certainly be with you”vs. 12. Moses said…”Who Am I”, God responded…”You Have Me”. What is God saying here? God wanted Moses to understand that his worth is determined by His (God’s) worth. It is divine presence that defines who a man is.

It gets even better. Now, God isn’t just WITH us, He is IN us. When a woman is carrying a fetus in her womb, her name changes from “woman” to “pregnant woman”. Her status changes because of the fetus she is carrying inside of her. So is everyone who is carrying God in him; the God in you is what defines your status and identity. Stop looking down on yourself and stop giving “blind” people the permission to look down on you. You are not to be looked down on, you are to be looked up to.

Wake up to the reality of your divine identity. When you walk in this consciousness, you’ll understand that anything that dares you is only waiting for its death certificate. You walk with “Godfidence” and take your stand before every Pharaoh.

Wake up, friend, wake up. You are much more than you think you are. WHOM you have is what determines WHO you are.

Thought For The Day: The ignorance of divine identity is the cause of spiritual infertility.

Work Point: Settle down with God’s Word and see who God says you are. See Ps. 82:6, Col. 1:27

Have A Blessed Day.

Not Forgotten; Not Forsaken

…Not Forgotten; Not Forsaken…

Ref. Scripture: Exodus 3:7

Do you remember this song…”Jesus knows all about our struggles, He will guide till the day is gone, there is not a friend like the lowly Jesus, No, not one. No, not one”. I learned this song when I was in secondary school and it has not stopped ministering to my spirit. Some of us have gotten to that point (by His Grace) where NOTHING can take us off this Kingdom path. We not only know that we serve a God who CAN and WILL do ALL things for us, we serve a God who relates to our pains. This is how the writer of Hebrews put it…”We don’t have a priest who is out of touch with our reality. He’s been through weakness and testing, experienced it all—all but the sin” Hebrews 4:15 (The Message)

See what God told Moses…” I have surely SEEN the oppression of MY people…and have HEARD their cry…for I KNOW their sorrows”. This is so amazing. We serve a God who SEES, HEARS, and KNOWS all that we are going through. So friend, you are not alone. There is a God who is not out of touch with what you are going through. You are not forgotten. You are not forsaken. How can He forget you when He says…” See, I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands” Isaiah 49:16

Everyone else may have tossed you aside, but He will always have your back. Just trust Him!!!

Thought For The Day: God will either still your storm or still you in the storm

Work Point: Appreciate Him because He is always there for you and with you. Meditate on Hebrews 4:15&16

Happy New Week.



Howdy Pal.

How is your sunday going? Mine is going great, I still have quite a handful to do though so I’ll just make this snappy.

First, I like to begin by welcoming new recruits into the school of MADness that was advertised last week. I hope that you’ll enjoy your stay in the school and that you’ll never graduate. And if you are still at loss at to what MADness means…

I was praying in the morning few days ago, and a thought just dropped in my spirit. I quickly grabbed my pen and my notepad and wrote it down. It says…”Do not look for a perfect person to love, the value of love is better revealed where there is imperfection”. I spent some minutes chewing on that thought.

So many of us are looking for perfect people to love, and that is a cardinal reason many people have refused to commit themselves to a marital relationship, even though they are ripe for it. Are you ready to hear this? Where there is no flaw, love is not needed. Read that again and think on it before you proceed.

Do you know why I love God so much? Because He loved me when I was far from being perfect. He loved me when I was flaw-full. Even now, with my once-in-a-while slips, He loves me still. Tell me, why wouldn’t I love Him? I remember telling God that, I don’t want a perfect lady; I wanted a believer with a teachable heart. You know why? Because wherever a teachable heart is, growth is elastic…and God answered my prayer!!!

That’s my lil nugget for you today. Stop looking for perfection, find imperfection, invest in it, and watch it grow into perfection.

That’s what true love is all about!! The most powerful force that can enforce change is love. If you find a believer who has a teachable heart and God okays him/her, my dear, don’t dull oooo. Every other thing will fall into place.

Thanks for your time.

Yours’ Brotherly,

The Alternative-Less Life

…The Alternative-Less Life…

Ref. Scripture: Exodus 3:5

We often make the mistake of thinking that it is possible for us to help God to do what He says He will do for us. We try to put one foot in God and put the other foot outside “in case” God does not deliver. This kind of mindset is what deprives many believers the privilege of living in and daily enjoying the Supernatural acts of God in their lives. Until trust in God is absolute, it does not attract divine attention. Until you are foolish enough to put all your eggs in His basket, you may end up with no egg at all at the end of the day.

God told Moses…”Take off your sandals, for the place where you stand is a holy ground”. The reason we put on sandals is to protect our feet from hurt. We could say that, sandal is man’s idea of keeping his feet safe. But when Moses got to a holy ground, God demanded that he took off his sandals. Why? Because in that place, he doesn’t need “man’s” protection. The ground of that place is void of any hurt, hence his feet are safe.

What God told Moses is what He tells us also. He tells us to abandon alternatives and cling only to Him. He tells us to take off anything we have devised for ourselves for our “protection”, because the ground on which we stand is immune to danger. But many are ignorant of this. They come to church to pray but there is charm tied to their waist. They drink the Holy Communion and drink the herbalist’s prepared potion. They pray to God for academic success and still engage in examination malpractices. It doesn’t work that way. All you need is on that holy ground but your sandal is the barrier. God wants your bare feet on that ground. He wants you to trust only in Him for that answer.

The ball is in your court.

Be wise friend, be wise.

Thought For The Day: Heaven helps ONLY those who CANNOT help themselves.

Work Point: Get rid of every alternative today and choose to depend SOLELY on God for that answer.

Remain Blessed.

Take Off Your Sandals

…Take Off Your Sandal…

Ref. Scripture: Exodus 3:5

The truth about this christian journey is that, the deeper we walk, the higher the cost. Many of us are unwilling to reconcile with this truth, hence we desire a deeper level of relationship with God yet we are unwilling to pay the cost. There are certain things I used to so enjoy doing many years ago that were not sinful, but I had to willingly let go of those things because I wanted to create more time and more room for God in my life. Even now, I know that, to enter into a deeper level of relationship with God, there are certain things I am doing now that I still have to let go of. The deeper we walk, the higher the cost —- that’s the underlying principle.

When Moses attempted to draw closer to the burning bush, God told him…”Do not draw near this place. Take your sandals off your feet, for the place where you stand is holy ground”. For Moses to draw nearer and commune with God, it was necessary for him to take off his sandals, and he did this without hesitation.

I tell people, if your walk with God has not cost you something tangible, it is hardly genuine. There is always a price to pay. God definitely wanted Moses to draw near, but for that to happen he had to let go of his sandals. Moses had to prove his desire to move closer to God by pulling off his sandals.

Do you crave for a deeper level of relationship with God? Then there is a “sandal” you must take off your feet. That sandal could be a habit, a friend, a relationship, a job, etc. Whatever that is hindering you from making progress in your spiritual walk needs to be taken off.

Count the cost my dear…and pay it!!

Thought For The Day: The Kingdom will first cost you before it pays you.

Work Point: what is that “sandal” that you need to take off? There is no better time than now to take it off.

Enjoy His Blessings.

Lord, Here I Am

…Lord, Here I Am…

Ref. Scripture: Exodus 3:4

In his book, Go In This Thy Might, Dr. Paul Enenche says, men are God’s method of getting things done, and I absolutely agree with him. Whenever God wants to save a people, He looks for individuals to send to effect that deliverance. The challenge however is, we are often too preoccupied with our own plans and agenda that we refuse to surrender ourselves for God to work through.

Even though God wanted to deliver the Israelites from slavery, He needed someone to work through. Moses was busy doing his own business when God called him, but when that Voice came, He was wise to say…”Here, I am”. That response redefined Moses’ story. He began a new journey in destiny, walking God’s laid out path for Him, and through him, God wrought great works that the world is still celebrating till tomorrow.

What is your response to God’s call? Have you not chosen to tend your sheep rather than attend to His Business? Is your response not, “God, I am busy for now. Call back later?” Your response to that call is crucial to your destiny; the longer you refuse to heed it, the longer you will remain stagnated. The good thing is, heeding that call only sets you up for unstoppable progress. Moses heeded that voice at age 80, and the last 40 years of his life far surpassed the previous 80 years in all ramifications.

Friend, heed that call. Whatever it is God has been talking to you about, obey it!! There is a blessing in every divine voice. Trust Him, you can’t move with God and sink in life. Make yourself a slave to the obedience of His Voice. Make yourself available. Surrender yourself and let Him work through you. With Him, your best years are still ahead.

Thought For The Day: Without God, we can’t. Without us, He won’t.

Work Point: What voice have you been refusing to heed? Think about it. It pays to obey.

Stay Blessed.

Positioning To Hear

…Positioning To Hear…

Ref. Scripture: Exodus 3:4

Before now, I used to believe that hearing from God is reserved only for ministers. I grew up to believe that only pastors could hear from God. But as I began to mature in Christ, the opposite proved to be the truth. Communicating with God became very cheap to me. I could talk to Him as if He was there physically and He always answered. I had been wrong after all. Every believer CAN hear from God; if you are not hearing from God, the problem is not with God’s Voice, it is with your ears.

Consider Moses. Until Moses positioned himself, he couldn’t hear the God of the burning bush. The Scripture says…”So when the Lord saw that he turned aside to look, God called to him from the midst of the bush and said, “Moses, Moses!” And he said, “Here I am.” Until Moses turned aside to look, his ear wasn’t positioned to hear.

You are just a divine voice away from the biggest breakthrough of your life, but the question is, are you listening? Are you positioned to hear from Him? Have you turned aside to focus on Him? There are certain things about your destiny God will not reveal to none else but you. Stop going for crumbs when you can have it whole.

How do you position yourself?
Build your spirit. The healthier your spirit is, the more connected you are to His Voice.

Spend time with the Word. Often, God uses His Word to offer direction and lead us.

Create time to communicate with Him. I am yet to see anyone who set out time to talk to God concerning a matter that He didn’t answer.

God is always speaking. It is up to you to tune your ears to the frequency of His Voice.

Thought For The Day: God does not have a speaking problem; if you are ready to listen, He is ready to speak.

Work Point: Create time, just you and God, and talk to Him. He’ll speak to you and direct you.

Remain Blessed.

It Is Time To Turn

…It Is Time To Turn…

Ref. Scripture: Exodus 3:3&4

Supernatural acts are the trademark of the Kingdom. God always delights in doing for us what others deem to be impossible. But, behind these supernatural acts is God’s intent. God does not perform these wonders just because He wants to excite us, there is something He is out to achieve. Sadly, many of us just get excited, clap and make Holy Ghost noises, and refuse to do the very thing God wants us to do. What is that? God wants us to TURN to Him!!

When Moses saw the wonder God organized in the wilderness, he didn’t just stay afar off exclaiming and applauding. He said…”I will now TURN…” God’s intention was for Moses to turn from all and focus on Him, and that was exactly what he did. Until Moses turned, God didn’t say a word. The Scripture says…”So when the Lord SAW THAT HE TURNED…God called to him”

Friend, my question to you today is, have you turned yet to the Lord? You return from church every sunday telling everyone how on fire your pastor was, yet no trace of that word you heard is seen in your life. My dear, God isn’t an entertainer, and church is definitely not a club house. If all you get out of church is excitement then you need to examine yourself, or examine that church. If change is not produced then God hasn’t been introduced. God desires to see you turn to Him; He wants your attention and commitment.

It is time to turn. Don’t remain bound in the shackles of religion. Move closer to Him. Seek to know Him more. Spend more time with Him. Don’t just stay afar off observing the “burning bush”, turn and move closer to it. A voice is waiting for you; until you turn, you won’t hear it!!

Thought For The Day: God sends His Word, not just to excite us, but to effect change in us.

Work Point: Surrender your all to Him today. Decide by the Help of the Spirit to draw closer to God.

Happy New Week.



Hey…Are You MAD?

What’s that look on your face? I’m not talking to your phone, I’m talking to you…Yes, YOU!!

Are you sure you are not MAD? Because you look like people I know in town who are seriously MAD!!

Now, what are you thinking? Did you just look at my display name to be sure it is actually me? Oh, Yes, it is me. No one is impersonating me!!

Seriously, the best thing you can be in life is to be MAD. I am MAD, in fact, I am one of the MADdest persons in this world, and I don’t want a cure; I love it that way!!

What does it mean to be MAD?

To be MAD means to be Making A Difference.

Oh, I got you there. Didn’t I?

So I ask you again, Are You MAD?

If you are not MAD, you better enroll in the school because the top is only for people who are MAD.

Think about it. In what ways can you deploy your intelligence, mental prowess, skills, resources and potentials to Make A Difference in your world?
Don’t wait till “something” finds you, find it!! There is something inside you that your world needs to experience change; not deploying it is the reason your world is still in a fix.

MADness isn’t as difficult and tasking as many take it to be. Instead of sending silly jokes as BC, you could send something edifying. If you can’t write one, Re-BC one. Use edifying DPs and PMs. Post edifying words on twitter and facebook. I have been privileged to lead someone to Christ before just because of a tweet…JUST ONE!! I tweeted, he read it, the Holy Spirit convicted him and he messaged me, asking that I tell him about Jesus. Just like that!!

How many people are grateful to God that your mother didn’t have an abortion or a miscarriage when she was carrying you?

How many people pray to God everyday to keep you alive and safe?

How many people does your breath minister life to?

Think on these things.

Be relevant. Be useful. Be impactful.

It Pays To Be MAD.

Yours In The School Of MADness,

Refuse To Be Consumed

…Refuse To Be Consumed…

Ref. Scripture: Exodus 3:2

The devil desires to see no one joyful and happy, he wants men to dwell permanently in depression, despair, and sorrow. Unfortunately for him, we determine if he will ever have that pleasure. The devil may bring unpleasant circumstances your way, but he has no power to control your response to those circumstances; that power is absolutely yours.

We all know the miracle Moses saw at Horeb: the bush was burning but it was not consumed. It was on fire, but that fire couldn’t harm it. It didn’t succumb to the power of the fire. Fire comes to consume, but this bush couldn’t be consumed. Is there any lesson for us to glean here? I believe there is. No matter the fire that may be attempting to consume you, refuse to succumb to it. Refuse to be consumed. Refuse to be swept off your feet. My mum went to be with the Lord four years ago, two days to christmas. It was such a tragic moment for me because she was my best friend. The next day, when sympathizers came around, they met me on the dining table, drinking pap. I was cracking jokes and livening everyone who was moody around me. I ended up consoling those who came to console me. I told the devil, “I will never allow you to steal my joy”. I was on fire, but I refused to be consumed by it.

Friend, choose to stand!! Live to disappoint the devil. No matter what you may be going through, someone, somewhere is going through worse. Don’t let people read your situation on your face. Be glad and joyful. Be so un-consumed that when you begin to share the testimony of what you’ve been through, they would find it unbelievable!!

Receive strength “on your knees” and remain standing on your feet. You will outlast every fire!!

Thought For The Day: Tough times never last but tough people do…Dr. Robert Schuller

Work Point: Let today be the day you decide never again to let your response to situations excite and gladden the devil.

Have A Great Weekend.

Introducing: Project T24

Introducing: Project T24

“No soldier on service gets entangled in civilian pursuits, since his aim is to satisfy the one who enlisted him” 2Timothy 2:4
These are interesting times, and we are so privileged to have been born in such a time as this. There is a flow from the presence of the Father for this season and as His Body, we must make the most of it.

For quite some time, a specific word is being consistently released to the Body of Christ across the nations, and it’s about the joining of bone to bone, and the linking up of streams. As seen in the vision the Prophet Ezekiel saw in Ezekiel 37, until the bones came together, the Breath could not spirit. The immediate work of the Spirit in this season is to have these fragments of revival fire in different places come together.

To this effect, we have been given an assignment for the year 2016, and this assignment has birthed what we call #ProjectT24. The ProjectT24 team will host The “UnTangled” Conference across different states in Nigeria starting from February, 2016. The aim of this conference is to unveil truth, fan the revival fire, and release men into their destinies.

In accomplishing this, we will be partnering with youth fellowships in churches, campus fellowships[tertiary and secondary], youth ministries. If you would like to work with us to host this conference in your school or church, feel free to contact members of our team. Please note that this conference would be at NO COST to you, all we will require are your hands and your legs.

Interested? Contact any of the following people in your state:

Lagos: Chiemeka[Tel: 08032826675; BBM: 2BB5B1A0]
Osun: Gideon[Tel: 08138042408; BBM: 21FF809C]
Oyo: Opeyemi[ 08133790804]
Ondo: Femi[ 08130000221]
Jos: Pelumi[08085089781]
Abuja: Becky[Tel: 08144336473; BBM: 52FA96C5]
Abia: Ugonna[Tel: 08039090432; 2A38CD28]
Enugu: John[08037998334]

If you’d like to work with us and you live outside the above-mentioned states, no worries. Contact Temi via 08022319098 and discuss with her.

If you would like to volunteer as a team member, kindly contact me.

We are excited already and can’t wait for 2016 to come. We look forward to partnering with you in seeing the knowledge of the glory of the Lord cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. This mandate is what we are running with and we shall see it fulfilled by His Grace.

If your heart is touched to work with us, don’t wait till tomorrow, contact any of our team members NOW. The earlier we get to work, the more time we have to plan well.

Sharing is caring. It’ll take less than a minute to send this to your contacts. Thanks in advance.

Let’s do this, together!

Your Fellow Soldier,
Oluwatobi POPOOLA
For: The #ProjectT24 Team.


Are You A Fan Or A Follower? why.jpg

Luke 14.25-33

Let’s look at some truths that will help you determine your status as a Fan or Follower of Jesus Christ. 

Are you ready for some football! Football fans do crazy things. We will pack up and head to the parking lot of our favorite ball team so that we can gill out and watch the game on television when we could have done that same thing at home.

Fans are finicky. When things are going good for the team we fill the stands and cheer them on. But, when the chips are down we criticize every play. We bad mouth the players and the coach. We talk about the way it used to be. Fans come in frenzies. They feed on the excitement and vanish when the difficult times come. 

The sad truth is that many Christians today resemble football fans. They rally around the excitement and they run from the work. They encourage in the good times and criticize when things are not going so well. They fill the pew and wait to be entertained. 

Jesus understood this. We find Him on His way to Jerusalem and a crowd has gathered around Him. In fact the Bible says that “great multitudes” were all around Him. When Jesus saw these multitudes He turned and said to them in essence, “I’m not looking for fans; I’m looking for followers.” 

Jesus is saying to us today what He said to those multitudes in His day. It’s easy to be a fan. Fans are here today and gone tomorrow. Following takes commitment. Following takes sacrifice. Unfortunately the church today is filled with fans rather than followers. We have people in our pews that are fans of the building they gather in. There are those in church today who are fans of the preacher or the worship leader. There are those who are even fans of Jesus, but they have never made the transition to become a follower of Jesus. It is time for you to declare your loyalty. It is time for you to decide if you’re going to be a fan or a follower of Jesus Christ.

We must realize that there is a cost to following Jesus Christ. This cost is twofold. It begins with a supreme commitment. Jesus said to these multitudes, “If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters yes, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple (Luke 14.26 NKJV).” We hear these words and we say wait just one minute. Did I read that correctly?

Did Jesus just tell me that if I wanted to follow Him that I had to hate those who were closest to me? This seems to be the complete opposite of what we know about God and His character. After all the Bible tells us the “God is Love.” Jesus has told us in other places that we must love one another. In fact the Bible teaches that people will know that we are the children of God by the way we love each other. Yet, here we have Jesus telling us that we must hate in order to follow Him.

Look at what Jesus said in Matthew 10.34-37; “Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace but a sword. For I have come to ’set a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law’; and a man’s enemies will be those of his own household. He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me. And he who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me (NKJV).” We read that with a confused look on our faces. We say how can this be? What does He mean that we are “not worthy” of Him if we don’t hate those who should be some of our closest relationship?

Jesus in our text here is saying that if you come after me; if you want to be my follower then you must love me more than any thing or any body in this universe. He is saying that when you compare your love for me and your love for every other relationship you have it should appear as though your love for me so out shines your love for any thing or any body else that it seems that you hate them in comparison to me. 

If we want to be followers rather than fans we must make the supreme commitment to put Him first place in our lives. The cost of following Christ begins with a supreme commitment and continues with a supreme sacrifice. Jesus said to these multitudes, “Whoever does not bear his cross and come after Me cannot be My disciple (Luke 14.26 NKJV).” The cross of Christ represents sacrifice. Jesus came to the cross because of sin. Paul tells us that the “wages of sin is death (Romans 6.23 NKJV).” So, because of sin someone had to die. That someone should have been you or me. However, because of our depravity even if we had die on the cross we would not have freed ourselves from sins penalty nor would we have appeased the wrath of God towards sin.

Being a follower comes with a cost. If we want to be followers rather than fans we must make the supreme commitment forsake all and the supreme sacrifice to turn from sin and self so that we can be fully committed to Him.

Many fans are willing to go to church, however, they are not willing to give up their sinful habits. Let me tell you something: There is no way to follow Jesus without Him interfering with your life.

Following Jesus is being in a committed relationship with Him. You cannot be in a relationship with both Jesus and the world. Jesus wants to be your one and only. There are many different things that battle for the throne of your heart: money, relationships, jobs, friends, family, etc. However, if you choose Jesus as your one and only, you may be forced to give these things up. People may think am weird but have given up ALL to follow Jesus.

Beloved it’s easy to be a fan of Christ, but it takes total commitment to be a follower of Christ. Jesus is looking for followers not fans. Fans are lost and headed for eternal torment and separation from God in the lake of fire. Followers are God’s children who are assured an eternal home in His Kingdom. Which are you today?

I hope that this message will challenge each of us to examine our commitment as a follower of Jesus Christ.

God bless you.

•Fay-Ann Swearing is a Christian writer based in Jamaica. She sends daily posts that will definitely be a blessing to you. Connect it her via BBM: 52E22D58



Today, we gratefully commence our ‘Appreciation Series’ from the platform of #BlessingShares.

A write-up would be done on this concept subsequently…But for this moment, I know this awesome ‘Ministerial’ interview would speak for itself.

Our Guest is a great mind in Ministry. 👏 This is a very humble way of describing him. I was privileged to meet him in 2014 and I can categorically say he is one of the seemingly ‘few’ young people I know that is unashamed and totally ‘sold out’ to God’s call upon his life.

And now…Let the length of this divine Interview minister to you 👐🙋

Can we meet you, please? (About you)

😃 My name is ABEL Praise. I am fondly called MrThinkSMART *winks*,
maybe because I think smart *lol*. I am young and crazily in love with
Jesus Christ, and I love to minister the gospel of His Kingdom as He
has given…

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Introducing: EQUIPPED 1.0

Introducing: EQUIPPED 1.0
“Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand…” Ephesians 6:11

At first we may think, what matters is how fast a person is able to run. But when we take a closer look, we discover that isn’t true, because it is one thing to run fast and it is another thing to run well.

In athletics, how the athlete positions himself at the start line determines to a great extent, if he will hit the finish tape as a victor. To put it in another way, how right we stand determines how well we run.

It is no longer news that God is up to something new this season. He is raising a new breed that will function in His Perfect Counsel, repositioning His Church, and preparing the world for the return of our King, Jesus.

But, the enemy is privy to this, and his plan is to corrupt this new breed, rendering them ineffective. Many, who have been chosen and separated for this end-time assignment, are ignorant of the purpose, processes, and strategies of Kingdom assignments, and hence, they look up to the secular and the corrupt systems that the Church has bought into.

It is to this end that the Lord has mandated us to establish a platform for the training, education, mentoring, and discipling of these chosen ones, and it is this mandate that has given birth to the Equipped Leadership Network.

The ELN will debut in June with a Equipped 1.0 Masterclass on Facebook. This class will run as a closed group for 4Saturdays and 4Sundays through the month of June. Admission is FREE but applicants would be screened and only those who meet the laid down criteria would be contacted and subsequently added to the group.

You will have the privilege of being taught from the depth of wisdom of select individuals who have proven their callings and are walking in God’s original plan for the work of ministry.

Interested applicants must have discovered their assignments with a proven and solid divine encounter, and active involvement in a ministry/kingdom assignment would be an advantage.

If you are interested, send your full name, e-mail, statement of assignment/purpose, and a brief reason why you should be considered for this Masterclass to You will be contacted later if you make it through the screening process

Entry closes on Sunday, 24th May 2015.

If you have a friend or a minister whom you’d love to be a part of this, do well to forward this message.

The mandate of Equipped™ is to raise champions from soldiers.

…For the King and the Kingdom.
Oluwatobi POPOOLA [@kingdomturf]

Saturday Classics

Saturday Classics||Joseph&Mary|| 25th March’15

Focus: Do Not Trade Your Purity


Happy Saturday. How is your weekend coming?

I know this guy called Jay in a suburb in Ogun state, Nigeria. He was perhaps the most brilliant kid of his time. He was dad’s pride and would have been mum’s pride too had she not passed on when he was still a kid. He was the second to the last in the family. When he finished his secondary school at age 16, he wrote a scholarship exam, and yes, he won. He was to have an all-expenses paid university education. At age 17, he was in Johannesburg, studying for his B. A[Marketing]. He graduated with flying colors and quickly landed a job with a group of companies owned by a certain Dr. Polinus. He started as a rookie, but in few years, he has worked his way to the top…to be the general manager of his branch…at just age 25. The whole world was ahead of him.

Dr. Polinus’ wife co-chaired the baord with her husband and she had as much power as her husband in the company. She has been monitoring Jay’s ascent to the top; not only is he diligent, smart, and visionary, he is a cute dude. She made him an offer: she was ready to take Jay to the very peak. She offered him the position of the 3rd man on the board, and that would just be the beginning…and she wanted just one thing from him: SEX.

Whew. What an offer. Is Sex not a little price to pay? She didn’t ask for marriage, she only wanted pleasure. That sounded like a good deal, and maybe you and I may have seized it…but not Jay! He refused to trade his PURITY for POSITION…He rejected Mrs. Polinus’ offer and walked out on her. She was enraged, and she cooked up a conspiracy at work. Jay was accused of embezzlement. Mrs. Polinus ensured that the story was real enough for her husband to believe it.

Dr. Polinus was disappointed. Jay was sacked and was arrested by the Financial Crimes Commission. There wasn’t even a trial. He was jailed…for life!

Well, that story is actually true. Expect that my friend never lived in Nigeria, he lived in a land called Canaan. He never won a scholarship to Johannesburg, he was actually sold as a slave to a land called Egypt. His boss’ name was never Dr. Polinus, it was Mr. Potiphar. He didn’t walk out on Mrs. Potiphar, he ran out, and he was never accused of embezzlement, he was accused of rape. Other than these, the story is true.

They called my friend Jay, but his actual name is Joseph.

Joseph reminds us all the time that no price is too high to pay to maintain purity. Just as he refused to trade purity for position, you must never trade your purity for your relationship. There’s no dude or babe that’s worth it!!! Premarital sex has always been, and will always be a sinful act.

But I am already doing it. Is that on your mind?
Well, Rahab was also doing it. In fact, she was a prostitute. But she stopped, and God gave her a fresh start. And that lady married a man who gave birth to the man, who gave birth to the man, who gave birth to the man, who gave birth to David. How about that for a fresh start!!!

Anyone demanding sex from you has cheapened your value, and whether you want to believe it or yes, you are worth much more than the price he has placed on you.

And note that I didn’t say, don’t trade your virginity, I said don’t trade your purity. See, you can be a virgin but you’ve lost your purity. Stay off all sexual acts. Stay off all the kissing, necking, fondling, etc. That’s impure.

Well, Jay, as you may be aware, eventually rose to an unimaginable height in life, he became the Vice-President of South Africa, or if you like, the Prime Minister of Egypt.

It eventually paid off. Didn’t it?
It eventually pays off for everyone.

Choose Purity.

Have Yourself a Beautiful Saturday

Your Relationship Coach,
Oluwatobi POPOOLA
~ HisRoyalServant
794F2CB9 || @kingdomturf

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Greetings to you,


I am sending you this message in obedience to a divine instruction I received from the Lord in the wee hours of the morning of Thursday, 19th February, 2014 in the place of fellowship.

Many of us cannot see behind the veil and we have failed to discern the operations in the spirit this season in Nigeria. A dispensation began in the year 2013 in God’s Agenda and our dear nation has been granted a central position in that agenda. This year is key in the happenings that are to characterize this dispensation, and the devil, knowing fully that God’s womb is the church, is bent on dividing her, so that she may lose focus and hence be slack in her role in the birthing of the divine Will for this season. What we are seeing today, with the church divided over the polity of our nation, is a physical manifestation of that plot in the spirit realm. While we are busy arguing over who should and who should not be president, the enemy is subtly hatching his evil agenda underground, and to make matters worse, Christ’s Church is engulfed with the fear of being islamised. Is that really how ineffective, powerless, and voiceless we see ourselves?

Let me tell you this: Something is being cooked in the invisible and neither of the two candidates have the capacity to resist it; only the church is vested with that authority. But how shall we able to do this? The Lord told me…”until the church learns to speak with one voice, she will always find herself cornered by her enemies”

What we should be concerned with right now is our alignment with God’s Plan. Are we WHERE God wants us to be? Are we DOING what He expects us to do?  Are we EQUIPPED for what is coming? Can we even SEE what is coming?

If we will take our rightful place and take charge of this season in the Heavens, did you know that we can activate and mobilize angels to vote?

I find it disheartening that even ministers of the Gospel will hurl insulting and abusive words at each other to defend their political interests. Do you think that the Christ is pleased with this?

We must, at this juncture, surrender our sentiments, and take upon ourselves the burden of His Will. We must be ready to say, Lord not my will, but your Will be done.

The burden of intercession is laid on us this hour, for evil will only prevail where men have refused to pray. It was John Wesley who said, it is doubtful that God will do anything on earth except someone asks Him to. It is via intercession, that we will align our nation with God’s Agenda for her, and hence commit every divine resource available to the fulfillment of that agenda.

The Lord has asked me to gather a people who will pray specific prayer points for 30minutes, for 7days. If you’d want to join us, create a convenient time, and let us all lift up our voices and take command in the spirit. We begin this tomorrow and conclude on Saturday, 28th February. The prayer points are just five and they are hereunder listed:

1. That the Lord will silence every voice speaking FOR Him that is no FROM Him.

2. That by every means, God will NOT allow anyone who will not align with His Plan for Nigeria to be elected at all levels.

3. That the Lord will cause the Wind of His Spirit to blow across our land.

4. That the Lord will through the church prove to the world that ALL power truly belongs to Him.

5. That the Lord will work through His church with His sword and His soap; to destroy and to cleanse; to pull down and to make new.

As I conclude, please vote for whoever you are led to vote for, and be sure that you are being led by your spirit, not by your feelings.

It’d be great to have you share this with your friends if you deem it necessary.

…when God finds a man who can pray, He has found a man He can use.

Oluwatobi POPOOLA

Bleeps Wisdom Club is a gathering of Believers on the social media. We meet every weekend on BBM to discuss God’s Word. Add up 794F2CB9 and send “Bleeps” to be a part.

The Weakness of Human Strength

>|. THE ADVENTURE.|< Day 037 of 365

Topic: The Weakness Of Human Strength
Ref. Scripture: Philip answered, “Two hundred silver pieces wouldn’t be enough to buy bread for each person to get a piece.” John 6:7 TMG

For every situation that comes our way, we can either choose to lean on God's Grace or choose to lean on our strength. Every time we choose the latter, we end up with "never enough", but if we choose the former, we have more than enough for the situation.

When Philip chose to focus on the money needed to buy food for the multitude, even he admitted that it would never be enough. But when God's Grace came on the scene, everyone ate, and there were twelve full baskets as excess.

It is in our hands to respond either as Jesus or as Philip. While Philip looked to his wallet, Jesus looked to His Father. Philip decided to depend on the strength of man, but Jesus chose to depend on the Grace and Faithfulness of the Father.

Which would you choose today?

There is weakness, disappointment, failure, rejection, etc with men, but God's Grace never fails. If you want more than enough for every need, then it is better to lean on God for supply. He supplies in overflowing abundance.

Thought For The Day: Where you look to for help determines the quality of help you get.

Meditate: Jeremiah 17:5-8

Enjoy Your Weekend
Oluwatobi POPOOLA
~ HisRoyalServant
794F2CB9 || @kingdomturf

Bleeps Wisdom Club is a gathering of Believers on the social media. We meet every weekend on BBM to discuss God’s Word. Add up 794F2CB9 and send “Bleeps” to be a part.